Course Description

With over 80% of the patient population in any given practice having some dental insurance coverage, now more than ever, you need to learn how they work and how they impact your practice.

In this course, we are going to give you a fundamental understanding of dental insurances.

You will walk out of this course with the tools and the confidence you need to succeed in private practice regardless of your participation status.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction To Dental Insurances

    • Welcome Video

    • Week 1 Session 1- Introduction to Dental Insurance

    • Introduction to Dental Insurances

    • Why Understanding Insurances Is So Important

    • What Is Dental Insurance?

    • Brief History Of Dental Insurances

    • Test Your Knowledge: Dental Insurance History

    • Types Of Insurance Contracts

    • Test Your Knowledge: Types of Contracts

    • Types Of Insurance Structures

    • Test Your Knowledge: Insurance Structures

    • Different Types Of Insurance Coverage

    • Test Your Knowledge: Insurance Coverage

    • PPO Plans

    • Test Your Knowledge: PPO Plans

    • HMO Plans

    • Test Your Knowledge: HMO Plans

    • Types of Medicaid Plans

    • Test Your Knowledge: Medicaid Plans

    • Local Unions

    • Test Your Knowledge: Local Unions

    • Discount Plans

    • Test Your Knowledge: Discount Plans

    • Third Party Administrators

    • Test Your Knowledge: Third Party Administrators

    • Module 1 Recap

  • 3

    Insurance Coordination

    • Week 1 Session 2- Insurance Coordination

    • Insurance Coordination

    • Insurance Coordination Cycle

    • Patient Booking Process

    • Clinical 101: Child Dentition

    • Test Your Knowledge: Child Dentition

    • Clinical 101: Adult Dentition

    • Test Your Knowledge: Adult Dentition

    • Dental Charting

    • Test Your Knowledge: Dental Charting

    • Category of Services and Codes

    • Test Your Knowledge: Category of Services and Codes

    • Understanding a Clinical Note

    • Test Your Knowledge: Clinical Note

    • Week 2 Session 1- Insurance Coordination Part 2

    • Insurance Terminology

    • Test Your Knowledge: Insurance Terminology

    • Insurance Verification Form

    • What Happens During A Typical Dental Visit

    • Calculating Co-Payment With Private Insurances

    • Test Your Knowledge: Calculating Co-payment

    • What Is A Deductible?

    • Test Your Knowledge: Deductible

    • Module 2 Recap

  • 4

    Billing and Accounts Receivables

    • Week 2 Session 2- Billing & Accounts Receivables

    • Billing & Accounts Receivables

    • Billing Cycle

    • Test Your Knowledge: Billing Cycle

    • What Does A Claim Include?

    • Test Your Knowledge: Dental Claim

    • Live Billing Training

    • Test Your Knowledge: ADA Claim Form

    • Test Your Knowledge: Reconciliation

    • Let's Review an EOB

    • Checking Claim Status

    • Test Your Knowledge: Claim Status

    • Dealing With Claim Denials

    • Test Your Knowledge: Claim Denials

    • Reconciliation

    • Best Practices

  • 5

    Managing the Patient Experience

    • Week 3 Session 1- Managing the Patient Experience

    • Prerequisites For Answering Phones Part I

    • Prerequisites for Answering Phones Part II

    • Customer Service Level 1 Training

    • Test Your Knowledge: Best Practices

    • When a Patient has Medicaid and the Provider is Out of Network

    • Second Scenario During Patient Calls

    • Week 3- Final Session How to Start & Grow a Dental Practice in an Insurance Driven World.

  • 6

    Operational Development

    • Setting Up Your Dental Software